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 Mini Marathon 




  • Pro hair & makeup artistry

  • 1 hour studio portrait session

  • 2 high-res digital images

  • Multiple wardrobe changes





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You deserve a better headshot.
We can help.

What’s the #1 secret to a fantastic headshot?
A fantastic expression
Show the world your best self.

Project confidence & approachability.

Expertly crafted headshots

What we do differently:

  • Facial Expression Coaching. Expression is everything! We coach you to project authenticity, approachability, warmth and CONFIDENCE. Learn to harness the power of your eyes, your mouth, your jaw. 

  • Unlimited Outfit Changes. Bring multiple outfits. It is better to have too many than too few. Capture a variety of looks in a variety of outfits.  

  • Expert Advice. Work with a portrait artist who knows posing, lighting, and the most flattering angles. Experience professional headshots like they were meant to be. 

  • Five-Star Experience. Experience our spacious, state-of-the-art studio, professional staff, expert coaching, and world-class retouching. 

  • Professional Hair & Makeup. Look your very best. Our talented makeup artist smooths away the years and the lines. Done right at our studio, hair & makeup is 100% optional but recommended (for women only).  

  • Session Preparation Guide. Get all the information you need beforehand, so you’re more than ready for your headshot session.

  • You're going to love the way you look. We promise.

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1 Hour Studio
Portrait Session

The Lorei Portraits Signature Headshot is a stylish, up-to-date digital portrait–sure to win new clients, new admirers. Radiate confidence and approachability. Show the best version of yourself.

Hair & Makeup

Look your very best. Our talented makeup artist smooths away the years and the lines. Done right at our studio. Perfect for the busy professional who needs a stunning head & shoulders portrait.

Al-daraji_2022_2053 lg_edited.jpg

2 High-resolution Digital Images

Experience professional lighting, posing, and retouching, culminating in 2 high-resolution magazine-quality digital images. Each image includes a copyright release. Share on the web, social media, and more.



Our Approach as Headshot Specialist​​s

Do you enjoy having your picture taken? 

Let's face it, stepping in front of a professional camera can be uncomfortable, intimidating. Even downright terrifying. Why? We feel vulnerable, as if the camera is seeing and judging all our flaws. Even if you are a confident person, when that big camera is pointed in your direction, it can bring up self-doubt and fear. Yikes! It's no wonder so many of us avoid the camera.

So, how do you navigate the anxiety and end up with a fantastic headshot, one that oozes with confidence? The answer is simple. It’s not your problem. We’re responsible for how you look. It’s our duty to make you look great. We coach you on the right eyes, the right mouth, the right posture, the right expression. Many photographers expect their client's to know how to look great in front of a camera. Not us. We’re here to help. Taking fabulous headshots is not what you do, it's what WE do–every day. 


“But I’m not photogenic.” We hear that all the time. The truth is you don't have to be. All you need is a trained & experienced portrait artist who knows how to make your eyes dance, your expression sing. We accentuate your strengths and diminish your flaws. You’re going to love your portrait, we promise.

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What clients are saying


Hands down the best photographer I've ever worked with. You want to do this.

-Steve Szumigale

This was so out of my comfort zone, but he, Gretchen and the make up artist Amanda put me immediately at ease. He listened to my input, understood where I was coming from, and then added his expertise! The key here: He listened. I could not be happier with the results, and would recommend Lorei Portraits to anyone seeking a true artist of photography.

-Andrea Nasor

Simons_2022_5010 AP.jpg

Paul is the ultimate professional. He captures a persona and creates an image to fit your personal brand!

-Dennis Chevalier




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